The Lau Team

“Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you will find a hairdresser you like...
“When passion becomes a profession – quality matters...”
Inspiration, Sophistication and Confidence.
Let me bring these qualities and more to your new kind of hairdressing experience. Lau Hairdressing has an aim to always give customers a custom visit every time they visit the salon. 365 Day Hairdressing.
Inspirational hairdressing focuses on you.
Sophistication – are you classic or contemporary? A cool chic or modern man? Whatever, we will express your personality with true sophistication. Your haircut is your identity.
Confidence – the team have more than 20 years of inspirational hairdressing focused on your every visit. Luxury and pure personal indulgence. A world of expert styling tips and information about all the essential salon-tested products that will suit your own hair type and styling wants. A world of colour, style and fashion.
At Lau Hairdressing, we are proud of our outstanding reputation of originality, creativity, consistency and client confidence. Passionate people strive for professionalism, ensuring nothing less than the highest quality in British Hairdressing is applied, everytime