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Lau Hairdressing is recruiting experienced stylists to join our great Team. We can offer you a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself further as an individual as well as having great fun along the way. To contact us confidentially please click here now.

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It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it !

Meet Damon

Since leaving grammar school. salon Director Damon Lau has been working within the industry for over 36yrs. He is an established hairdresser and business coach and continues to motivate and inspires those around him through his passionate and meticulous approach to hair and expertise in both classic and emerging cutting techniques. He managed 3 Salons before becoming a partner in a large salon group and then progressed to opening his own business: Lau Hairdressing over 26 years ago.
Favourite Drink Expresso Martini
Favourite Food  Salmon Dil Tikka Shamrat
Favourite Holiday Dubai
Favourite Animal Dogs
Favourite Colour Black
Favourite Song Wonderwall Oasis
Favourite Film Blues Brothers
Favourite Season Summer
Favourite Superhero The Batman


Damon says "all Chinese artists sign their specific artwork in red ink with a stamp hand carved and created from a solid block of marble called a Chop or Seal. This is their unique individual signature of quality"

A direct translation of our seal is 'Lau's House of Hair'

All of our hairdressers are truly amazing artists.

We welcome all guests to come and visit us in 'Our House'


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