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Everything just feels better after a Great Haircut !

Meet Deanne

Hi, I’m Deanne and a part of the management team at Lau. I’ve been working here since the salon opened. Apart from a break in 2008 when I left to go and live and work in Australia. I worked in 2 busy salons in Brisbane. I learnt many new techniques which I brought back to the UK. I loved my time in Australia but missed my Lau family. I love creating styles and colouring client’s hair to suit their personality. When I'm out of the salon, there is nothing better than walking our dog and spending time with my family.

Please call me at the salon, 01622 670557 and book your hair in with me! I can't wait to meet you and look forward to seeing you soon xxx

  • Favourite drink- Wine...Any!
  • Favourite Food- Curry
  • Favourite Holiday- Thailand
  • Favourite Animal- Dogs
  • Favourite Colour- Black
  • Favourite Song- SuperStyling - Groove Amarda
  • Favourite Film- Dirty Dancing
  • Favourite Season-Autumn
  • Favourite Disney Character- Woody 

Deanne is the only original hairdresser (excluding her times in Australia) who has worked here for over 26 years. This shows her amazing dedication and loyalty to Lau and her trade. As one of our most experienced stylists Deanne loves classic cutting but she also uses precision razor techniques to accentuate each client’s individual look of all hair types and textures. Her technical colouring experience is second to none. Having previously managed the salon for many years she has also been responsible for educating many hairdressers whilst being with us. Now working with us part time, please ensure that you book your appointments early to avoid disappointment ! 

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