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The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful & a beautiful woman unforgettable !

Meet Emily


My name is Emily, I have been a qualified hairdresser for over 12 years. I completed all my qualifications at Lau and alongside many other courses also along the way. We are taught how to build up my client base to become very busy stylist. After achieving this for several years, I decided that I wanted to travel with my skills and to see the world. I did this whilst working on various cruise ships for 3 years. After returning to Lau, I now have got married and also had a beautiful boy to add to our family.

My job is very social and that’s still one of my favourite parts of this industry. Its forever changing along with the seasons and fashions.

  • Favourite drink - margarita
  • Favourite food - Nachos
  • Favourite holiday destination - St Lucia
  • Favourite animal - Flamingo
  • Favourite colour - Green
  • Favourite song - Hold you - gyption
  • Favourite movie - Bridesmaids
  • Favourite season - Summer
  • Favourite Disney character- Moana

Emily has a kind and down to earth attitude. Her hairdressing skills and experience are faultless with an edgy vibe. Emily is all about creating the fantastic experience for everyone who sits in her chair! From effortlessly lived-in colours, to bold platinums and swoon worthy vivids, She is especially talented with wedding Hair and creating unique Hair Up styles for that special night out or party occasion. Whether she’s behind the chair, exploring the outdoors, or traveling, this native Kent girl never hides from a challenge because she knows the result will always be worth it! I can’t wait for you to meet Emily because I know she will make you feel like your very best!

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